Collect ideas, see connections, be inspired.

Your Space to Connect the Dots.

Your Space to
Connect the Dots.


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Serendipity by Design

One infinite room for all your notes. Napkin’s core is the dynamic interface. It keeps you in the flow and shows related ideas automatically. Expect unexpected ideas!


Outline your next essay at the speed of thought. Drag and drop to create idea collections, build your outline, and then take it to your favorite writing app.

Magic Labeling

Collect ideas without interrupting your flow. When using the Web Clipper or Napkin Collect on your iPhone and iPad, you don't need to think about where or how to save your ideas. Napkin is self-organizing! It knows what your notes are about and connects them with related notes.

Sari Azout,
Author of Check Your Pulse

"Curation has been too focused on the information and not enough on architecture; how we collect, store, augment, and utilize what’s already in our minds."

Nicola Fisher,

"Napkin is central to my goal of being a Writer. I capture ideas, often on the fly, which later become the building blocks of the pieces I write."

Coach Willis,
Author of Adventures in life

"The next time you run across an interesting idea, pause for a moment. Try to eliminate distractions. Sip on the idea. Savor it. Perhaps even pair it with another. What additional insights occur to you?"

Napkin will change the way you

Collect Ideas

We come across inspiring ideas every day. But do we have them on top of our minds at the right moment? Napkin makes it easy to capture, recall and recombine ideas at the speed of thought.

Cultivate Inspiration

Great ideas inspire us! Unfortunately, our memory isn't perfect. And while note-taking apps are great for storage, they make it difficult to rediscover our ideas. Napkin makes it easy to build and explore our personal idea-collection.


Your Napkin’s structure emerges based on the ideas you collect. You don’t need to manage your knowledge. Just reflect on your stream of thought instead. Simply focus on one thought and see related thoughts appear instantly - just like your mind works.

Never Face a Blank Page

Ideas generate ideas. Playfully outline your next essay while you browse your notes. Then bring your outline to your favorite writing app with a single click and start editing.



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We want to liberate great ideas from all the downsides social media brings. Let's build a system that maximizes inspiration instead of attention.

Technology shapes the way we think. Social media keeps us constantly busy. Note-taking apps leave it to us to find connections in hundreds and thousands of notes. This hinders understanding and inspiration.

With Napkin, your swarm of thoughts grows and evolves, generating a beautiful well of inspiration for a lifetime.