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Collect thoughts,
see connections,
be inspired.

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All you need, nothing else.

Thinking Companion

Napkin is a living system. Add a thought and see related thoughts arise instantly.

Serendipity by Design

The gravitation-based interface reveals connections you couldn't see in a classic list or folder structure.

Public Napkins

Napkin is private by default. But if other thinkers share their collections, you can collect their thoughts with a single click.

Easy Input

Capture thoughts from all your favorite channels without breaking the flow - from books to tweets.

Spaced Repetition

Have the most inspiring thoughts on top of your mind. Reflect on them in just the right frequency.

Magic Labeling

Tired of managing your knowledge? Let artificial intelligence do the work.

Dive in, be inspired.

Farnam Street Notes

An ongoing collection of the best insights from Shane Parrish's Farnam Street.

Naval Wisdom

See Naval Ravikant's most famous tweets connect in Napkin.

James Clear Wisdom

Every week James sends out the 3-2-1 newsletter to 1M people. It contains "the most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web."

We can't unsee it.

It’s easy to find inspiring ideas in books, newsletters and podcasts. However, keeping the most inspiring ideas on top of mind and connecting them across different sources is tedious.

We use notebooks, note-taking apps and more sophisticated tools for thought. All those tools are great for storing information, but they don’t augment thinking.

A medium for thought would extract core concepts, connect them across different sources and show them in context. 

It would create a network of thoughts that evolves like a living system with a minimalistic interface comfortable for human minds. Its design wouldn’t start with constraints of the physical world, it would start with human thinking and emotion.