Inspiring Thoughts
on Top of Your Mind

Collect thoughts,
see connections,
be inspired.

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All you need, nothing else.

Thinking Companion

Napkin thinks with you. Add a thought and see related thoughts arise while you're typing.

Easy Input

Capture thoughts from all your favorite channels without breaking the flow - from books to tweets.

Serendipity by Design

The gravitation-based interface reveals connections you couldn't see in a classic list or folder structure.

Spaced Repetition

Have your most inspiring thoughts on top of your mind. Reflect on them in just the right frequency.

Living System

Your Napkin is a knowledge graph. Changing its shape with every new piece of information.

Shared Thoughts

Napkin is private by default. But if other thinkers share their collections, you can collect their thoughts with a single click.

Dive in, be inspired.

Notes by Derek Sivers

Explore the highlights from Derek Sivers' most valued books connected.

James Clear Wisdom

Every week James sends out the 3-2-1 newsletter to 1M people. It contains "the most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web."

Adventures in Life

Become who you aspire to be. Coach Willis shared this year's key thoughts in Napkin.

We care deeply.

We live through wonderful times. Information supply peaks. Social media, newsletters, podcasts – thousands of years of human thought are right at our fingertips.

Human curiosity is the key to progress. But ever more curious minds feel overwhelmed and struggle to “keep up” with information streams. This feeling is instilled by the countless time bound information feeds we juggle every day and leads to a rat race instead of deep thought.

We need a place to store all the inspiring thoughts we come across. A place where the relevance of information is determined by its content, and not by publishing dates or social status. A place that is private by default and that is built for inspiration.

That’s why we build Napkin.